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Andrea lives on a farm in Iceland and arrived in Denmark one week ago. She is doing her exchange semester in Aarhus til June 2017 and is studying social work, the program is called disaster and conflict management. What she misses the most is her children, her husband and the hot pools which are very typical in Iceland. Andrea lived also in countries like Germany and Spain and started to study in Reykjavik two years ago.

Charlotte is from Antwerpen, Belgium and is doing her study abroad in Aarhus. Back in Belgium Charlotte is studying special education and here she is doing the same program at the VIA University College Aarhus as Andrea. She is very interested in the topics war and trauma and would maybe like to work in a war zone. She has a very good connection to her sister and misses to have her around, lying in bed with her and just talking about everything.

Marek is from Poland and is about to finish his studies in financial management in Aarhus. He moved to Aarhus three and a half years ago. Now he‘ll move to Canada in April and start a gap year with work and travel there. Marek won a lottery in Poland with which he got a working holiday visa. So he has working and living permit for one year. The big difference between Denmark and Poland is that here the people are very chilled and they work to live and back home they live to work, Marek says.

Paula is from Zaragoza, Spain and is studying to become a primary school teacher. The students take three years of general courses together and then take one year specialising in a subject of their choices. Paula arrived yesterday and is studying pedagogy and social people, the program is called hand, heart and head at the VIA University College. Paula will be in Aarhus til June and she also wants to improve her english skills here. She wants to learn about the differences in teaching here in Denmark and probably wants to become a english teacher.
Greg is from Vancouver, Canada and is studying crimonology back home. He‘s doing the social work program aswell and after finishing studies in Canada he wants to become a policeman and move to Victoria. Greg arrived five days ago. His first impression of the people in Denmark was that everybody does his own thing, but when you talk to them they are very friendly and helpful.

Raluca is from Constanta, Romania and is studying social work in Bucarest. She actually wanted to do her study abroad in Sweden or Norway, but she received many signs which led her to Denmark. In Romania a lot of students are unhappy with their university and professors, because they don‘t learn as much as they want or the teachers don‘t even come to the lectures. Raluca is staying in a student housing in Bucarest, which is completely different to the ones in Denmark. She lives in a room with 3 other students there and some people have to share the bathroom with 40 other students. So for her living in the Skjoldhøjkollegiet is luxury. She feels more home in Aarhus, then in Bucarest, although she only arrived a week ago, because she thinks the people are completely different here.

Juozas is from Vilnius, Lithuania and studies multimedia design in Aarhus. He moved to Denmark half a year ago and is probably going to do his whole bachelor here. What he misses the most is the type of humour he‘s used from home. There are a lot of differences between the countrys, for example in Lithuania many people have to save money for living and you basically tip everyone, even when you go to the doctor.